Homemade THC detox

On the Internet, there are dozens of advice on how to pass a marijuana drug test with homemade THC detox. Our experts have analyzed most common of homemade thc detox and suggest you a brief survey. The summary would give you some tricky methods, but how effective those homemade thc detox might be? Let's look into homemade thc detox method.

First of all, it's a known fact that marijuana contains more than 400 chemical compounds. Some of them, such as THC, can hardly be dissolved in liquids but is easily accumulated in fat cells.

Homemade thc detox method: "...drink several gallons of water..." and ... successfully FAIL the urine drug test!

Yes, that's how it is. Let us have only the facts. Remember? Active marijuana components are hardly dissolved in liquids. So, having drunk some water (homemade thc detox method) you can only reduce the THC concentration in blood, but fat cells remain stuck with THC! And after a physical work out or under stress, active marijuana components may get back to your blood system, then to urine, and then you fail the test.

Drinking "homemade thc detox" excessively may discolor your urine, which might cause doubts in the lab. To avoid that , start taking group B vitamins several days prior the THC test. Vitamins color the urine yellow. But lots of our non-home made thc detox kits contain it, so it would not a problem to consume the required quantity of B vitamin.

If you still decide to try this Homemade THC detox method, don't forget about the Home Drug Test Kits.

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